ArcaOS and OS/2 Tools

UNIX Time to Date Converter v1.4 16 Feb 2023 Converts between UNIX 32-bit time values and MDY HMS formats.
Small User Agent List 17 Mar 2022 This is a customized version of the User Agent listing available at Tech Patterns. It makes the most useful overrides accessible in 2 or 3 mouse clicks.
Run IBM Object REXX, Classic REXX or Glassman Object REXX v0.3 18 Feb 2022 This package contains ClassicRexx.cmd, ObjectRexx.cmd and ORexxG.cmd. ClassicRexx.cmd is a 4OS2 script that allows Classic REXX scripts to be run on a system that defaults to Object REXX, without the need to run SwitchRx and reboot. ObjectRexx.cmd allows Object REXX scripts to be run on a system that defaults to Classic REXX. ORexxG.cmd allows Glassman's Object 6.05 port to be run on system that defaults to some other REXX version
SHL's Copy Tool v2.9 26 Feb 2018 Yet another recursive file copy tool. Useful for cases where dsync or xcopy can not be trusted to do the right thing and rsync is too much.
PM DLL Lister Source Code v2.12 26 Feb 2016 This PM application lists the DLLs referenced by an executable or another DLL along with several other interesting options.
A Config.sys Merge Tool v0.1 30 Oct 2012 This REXX script is a semi-intelligent config.sys merger. It is intended to merge the applicable settings from an older config.sys to the config.sys for a new or migrated installation.
Repoint CVS sandbox to new repository v0.2 27 Dec 2011 This tool updates the CVS/Root and CVS/Repository files in a CVS sandbox when the repository location changes.
PDF Color Space Fixer v0.5 4 Aug 2003 A modified version of Julian Thomas's fixpdf. May be useful in cases where fixpdf appears to not do the right thing.
Wake On LAN for REXX 11 Jan 2003 This REXX code implements Wake On LAN support. Include orginal Perl implementation.


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