MR/2 ICE Tips and Tools

MR/2 ICE is my e-mail client of choice. Over the years, I have written up some documentation and built some tools.

msgutil.cmd v0.2 15 Apr 2012 A customized version of msgutil.cmd that you might find useful.
Template Reference 20 Sep 2007 A guide to keyword statements and substitution variables available to message templates.
Filter Usage Reference 05 Jun 2007 A summary of the syntax accepted by MR/2 ICE filter expressions.
Sample ICE Filters 22 Jul 2005 This is a sanitized version of a relatively recent copy of my ICE filters, in fltinch format. The most interesting filters are probably the 7 or so devoted to detecting spam. As of this writing, they miss about 1 spam a day so I am satisfied with their performance.
Set up for MR/2 ICE Process Dump v0.1 22 Jul 2005 This is a simple script that will configure the Process Dump facility to record the data needed to analyze a process dump. The dump will will be large because most of the MR2/ICE code is implemented as DLLs. This requires the shared area to be included in the dump. If your trap is within mr2i.exe, you can reduce the size of the dump file be removing the shared option. See Process Dump Setup Guide for additional details on setting up the Process Dump Facility.
Command Line Reference 8 May 2005 A summary of the command line options accepted by the MR/2 ICE executables.
Edit Subject REXX Filter 06 Jan 2005 This REXX script is usually invoked from a filter and supports a variety of Subject: tag edits. It can be modified to handle other editing tasks.
Clean ICE News Directories v0.6 27 Nov 2003 This tool locates the MR/2 ICE news directories for all user profile accounts and interactively deletes the files that MR/2 ICE sometimes corrupts. These files will be rebuilt when MR/2 ICE is restarted.
Clean MR/2 ICE Trash Directories v0.2 27 Nov 2003 This tool locates the MR/2 ICE Trash directories for all user profile accounts and, by default, deletes all files older than 3 days. The default operation can be overridden from the command line.
Log Spam Reason REXX Filter 13 Sep 2002 This REXX script writes a log record described by it was called. It was implemented to log spam filter triggers during filter tuning. It can be modified to handle other logging tasks.
MsgUtil.cmd Reference 29 Mar 2001 A summary of the environment variables available to msgutil.cmd and newsutil.cmd.

If you do not see exactly what you need here, take a look at what Julian Thomas has to offer.


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